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Preservation / Planning

As buildings age over time, maintaining them can be as simple as writing a checklist of cyclical maintenance items, or as analytical as an historic structure report. Historic structure reports are multidisciplinary planning documents that offer an in-depth evaluation of the many systems of a historic structure, before commencement of major restoration projects. The building’s condition will determine the scope of a preservation plan.

By their nature, older and historic homes demand thoughtful evaluation with regard to maintenance. The historic features, materials and context that contribute to their character should be considered when undertaking repairs.

For the majority of older homes a “conditions assessment” that summarizes the condition of the numerous systems and materials of the structure and outlines recommendations for their maintenance and repair is sufficient.

The basic outline for a conditions assessment is as follows:
  1. site description (the specific environment surrounding the structure)
  2. building exterior and structural systems
  3. building interior and structural systems
  4. building infrastructure, mechanical and electrical systems

Within this format each category is then broken down in further detail, based on the assessment of the building’s existing condition.

A comprehensive preservation plan is the guidebook for preserving the architectural character and structural integrity of historic structures.

T. H. McGinn & Co., Inc. is well versed in historic-building maintenance and building conservation. We have the capability to assess building conditions, develop appropriate treatments and execute the work of preservation-maintenance plans. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in preserving your home.

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