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Restoration & Rehabilitation

In the field of historic preservation there is a hierarchy of treatment approaches for historic structures. Which approach is appropriate depends on the building’s condition, its significance and the available budget.

Rehabilitation is the most common approach used by homeowners. This involves making a structure sound and usable, without attempting to restore any particular period appearance, while respecting the original architectural elements of a building and retaining them whenever possible.

Restoration is the repair or re-creation of the original architectural elements of a building, to some previous time of significance in the life of the building. Restoration projects emphasize reproducing those architectural elements that may have been lost or removed in the past.

Historic Restoration projects take the re-creation of architectural elements to a higher level of authenticity. They can include not only the restoration of the structure, but also restoration of the interior, its furnishings and finishes. Museum houses are typically historic restorations.

Most of our projects have involved to varying degrees all of these treatment approaches. Typically these approaches have been applied, not to the entire structure, but to various components of the building elements. Buildings are composed of a number of complex systems. When treating their ills, we follow a simple approach: Preserve all that is practical, repair what can not be preserved, restore what is beyond repair and reconstruct was has deteriorated past the point of restoration.

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